Engineering Support

Omaha, NE

  • Employing best practices, develop and document detailed software descriptions and specifications of data service methodologies, service interfaces, data schemas, etc.
  • Tasks will involve reading, recoding, and modifying existing code using XML, KML, JAVA, UNIX and LINIX languages
  • Troubleshoot, test, debug, and rework applications down to the code level and ID individual issues causing full-system issues and failures.
  • Enhance and refine implementation plans detailing steps, actions necessary, and resources required to deploy services into different enterprise environments.
  • Provide technical recommendations, strategies, and transition plans for integrated capabilities internal and external to GSIN and USSTRATCOM.
  • Provide system engineering, software development, and technical management support for GSIN development with respect to data capture, data schema, data transfer (communication networks), data display, data storage and data visualization services. Maintain an average CMMI Level 3 Software Maturity.
  • Provide engineering analysis and integration of unique and disparate data from programmatic, engineering, configuration and data management, and logistics functions, and the synthesis of data to present project status, long-range plans, and program accomplishments in relation to GSIN program objectives.
  • Must possess a Top Secret clearance with SCI eligibility

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